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The pro-Cut 15 is a semi-automatic core cutter that is ideal for customers looking for a high-quality, accurate finish with a minimum amount of operator input. It has quick and easy settings for different core diameters and wall thicknesses. The Pro-Cut semi-automatic core cutter also has the ability to cut cardboard, paper, and plastic.


Technical specs Procut-15
Max Core Length
1524mm (60”)
Minimum Cutting Length
Maximum Core Thickness
Cutting Speed
35-45 Cut Per Minute
7” HMI Touch Screen
Stepper Motor With Smart Control
Cutting Accuracy
± 0.2mm
Safety Cover With Auto Cut Off
2 HP Variable Speed AC Motor
Power Supply
220 V AC
195x68x128 (LxWxH)


Low maintenance and high productivity are the main features of this machine, high quality pneumatic from SMC Japan and variable speed motors make it easy to achieve all types of core cutting possible in this machine.

Providing recipe mode in the touch screen HMI becomes operator friendly to start the new product without any more repeat program settings, we provide many different modes in the operation to use each for particular production requirements, such as equal length cutting mode, variable length cutting mode, multiple of each length cutting and manual cutting mode metric and imperial length setting possible, smooth edge cutting finish and accurate length is the main feature of this machine, patented thin bevel custom made circular blade design to meet all your cutting requirement in one machine.