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Steel Tube Inspection Machine

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Fully automatic steel tube inspection machine, Programmable logic control system to detect the overall circumference ovality in the tube, this system is capable to detect up to 10 microns of circumferential ovality, machine designed and built to inspect rolled steel tube quality inspection, tube’s overall circumferential differences and surface finish, Digital micron dial gauge has electro mechanical communication with plc to detect the delta point of radius variation and high resolution industrial vision camera to detect the surface finishing of the tube, combination of overall tube quality output signal provides the tube quality and its acceptance,

Fully automated inspection reduces labor and increases production output without any human error.


Technical specs
Over all dimension
180X180X240 CM
Power supply
220 V AC 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply
8 bar
Machine weight approximately
800 kg
Circumference inspection tolerance
± 0.01 mm
Calibration tool accuracy
±0.005 mm
Working speed
11-14 tube/minute
Inspection accuracy
5 -15 micron
Maximum tube diameter
Maximum tube length


Increases production output and reduce error chances of visual inspection.

Easy to operate as the operator needs to place the tube in the conveyor and further process is done by machine automatically, customized as per user size and process requirement which become ideal choice for this type of application.