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Automatic Wad Hole Punching Machine

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Custom-made wad hole punching machine for all types of round wad hole punching Automatic pickup and delivery to the chute tray, pre-settable counter for production and very easy loading of wad to the wad hopper, it’s just one time setting and easy operation.


Sr. No. Particular Dimension / Specs
Filling Capacity
250ML to 1000ML
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Capping Unit
Automatic Loading
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Filling Volume Accuracy
± 2.5 ML
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Filling Method
Peristaltic Pump
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Atmosphere Control
Hepa Filter on Top
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Filling Inspection
Automatic Sensor Control
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Main Supply
415 v 3 Phase
10-13 Pouch/Minute
Pouch Feeding
Semi Automatic
10-13 Pouch/Minute


Compact design machine and easy operation, it can adopt variety of different thickness and diameter of wad, machine built with high quality electrical and pneumatic components to reach the optimum quality output during production, single phase low ampere power input which become very convenient to install the machine at any corner of your factory, intelligent engineering design to suit customer application.